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 Rules and Regulations
 Posted: Jan 30 2016, 11:23 PM
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General Rules
1. Please show respect for all members of the site, both staff and members as well as any guests that appear. Our goal here is to create a safe, respectful community for the enjoyment of the members. Harassment of any sort is not tolerated. This goes double for harassment on the basis of, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, LGBTQIA+ status, or religion.

2.. Please do not plagiarize or steal art, profiles etc. from other sites, players, or artists. If you wish to use original artwork or fan art that was not originally created for you, please ensure you have permission from the original artist.

3.. The Lion Guard is a family-friendly series, and here at "Prideland’s Guard" we are attempting to keep this feel. Therefore, based on the RPG-Rating System, our site is 1/1/1 and allow:

a. Infrequent and mild swearing is allowed, but generally refrain from the usage of it within character dialogue.

b. Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted only. This means flirting with implicit sexual undertones is fine, but describing or acting out sex scenes is not. Underage sexual content is not allowed.

c. Mild Violence is permitted. Combat is allowed, and attacks capable of causing visible injuries are allowed. Explicit descriptions of violence and gore are not allowed.

d. There are no word limits or minimums, and we consider the site to be open to players of all levels of experience.

4.. Activity Checks are done bi-monthly. Failure to post in the Activity Check results in the deletion of accounts and the forfeiting of characters. Extensions allow if staff is given prior warning either through the Absence Board or Private Message.

5.. Punishment for breaking these rules can result in warnings to bans depending on severity and past behavior.

Character Information
1.. When you first join the site, please register with an OOC account. This will be used for all administrative work, such as applying for characters, PMs, etc. Jcink allows for these accounts to be linked with other accounts so please use that to link your OOC and IC accounts.

2... We use the character-per-account system, which means one IC account per character. Please register in proper case (ex Jasiri).

3.. When posting character applications, please post the title as the character's name, and in the description: Species | Location | then whatever you want after that.

4. Failure to follow any of the rules above will result in an automatic denial of the character until the profile is corrected.

5.. There are no limits on the number of characters a player may have. Any limits on types characters will be announced by thread and posted in the Ratio section of the sidebar.

6.. We encourage players to apply as a wide range of African animals; this site is not exclusively for lions. If you have questions, contact staff.

7.. Please note that avatars have a maximum size of 150x150 pixels. Anything larger will be resized by the board. Signatures currently have no restrictions, but please keep them at a reasonable size so as to not stretch the board.

8.. Note that many characters in The Lion King and The Lion Guard have names of African origins, particularly Swahili. If these are not your native languages or ones you are fluent in, please be respectful in your translations of names and phrases. We do not accept made-up or pseudo names, e.g a name or wrd pretending to be from one language or another.

9.. Ages are usually discussed in terms of phases of life such as: cub (ex: Kion), young or sub-adult (ex: Nuka), adult (ex: Simba), elderly (ex: Rafiki). Age groups and growth rates vary between species, too.

Post and Roleplay Rules
1.. Please avoid engaging all the basic problems of bad roleplaying such as, but not limited to: godmodding, powerplaying, metaplaying.

2.. We use a liquid-time based system for threading. Characters can be in more than one thread at a time. We recommend players set up a thread tracker to keep track of their threads and what order they occur.

3.. In-Character Fighting may occur, and staff expect that players will be mature and respectful enough to handle the outcomes on their own. If no agreement can be made, staff can decide.

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