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Non-Canon Male Lions Currently Restricted
Lionesses and Non-Lions Encouraged
Outlanders and Shadowlanders Encouraged
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Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Acronymed Members 28-December 16 0
Alis Members 30-July 17 0
AnimalRoleplayTrash101 Members 16-July 17 0
Asubuhi Pridelander 16-June 17 0
Athena Members 8-January 18 0
Badili Outlander 26-November 16 3
Banzai Outlander 28-June 17 4
Bunga Pridelander 11-June 16 13
CasDean Members 24-February 17 0
Cheezi Outlander 31-August 17 7
Dero Members 26-February 18 0
doghorse Members 27-March 17 -2
Edd Outlander 9-April 17 17
Ethan Unken Members 2-August 17 0
Forsaken - OOC Members 11-August 17 0
Fukayna Members 18-September 17 0
Fuli Pridelander 10-November 16 18
Hakunamatata Members 24-June 17 0
Hekima Pridelander 4-April 17 5
Huria Pridelander 22-April 17 2
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