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 Site Canon: Fleshing out Kingdoms
 Posted: May 21 2016, 09:00 PM
4 posts

Alright then, on the suggestion of Ninclow, I'm putting up this thread as a place to discuss fleshing out our various factions. Current information on the factions are located here:

As you can see, pretty cut and dry and in need of being into the nice forms Blackjack made for us. But, Ninclow was suggesting also putting up some information on basic laws within, say, the Pride Lands (Outlands probably don't have much of laws, not sure on Shadowlands). Checking out the Lion King wiki they mention a few laws, but other than the stuff on anti-poaching laws and royal protocol requiring payment of debts, most of the stuff isn't applicable. Well, punishment of death for trespassing by the exiled lionesses probably is applicable too >.>...

So yeah, if you have any ideas for important information to include in the Kingdoms & Factions thread to flesh out the groups a bit more and put a bit more structure to them let me know and we'll see about incorporating it in.
 Posted: May 21 2016, 09:54 PM

Suggestion(s) to Laws of the Land:

Suggested Law: Mohatu's Drinking Law.
Background: During the reign of the mighty Mohatu, one of the Great Kings of the Past, a terrible drought strikes the Pride Lands. in order to At first, Mohatu attempts to keep the peace by putting in place a law the determines how much an animal could drink to prevent fighting over the diminished waterhole. During future droughts, the ancient laws becomes enacted and prevails to this day.

Suggested Law: Anti-Poaching Law:
Background: Ever since the time of The First King of the Pride Lands, ithas been strictly forbidden to hunt pray for sport, seen as over-hunting leads to reduced amount of pray in the area which ultimately can result in some of their fellow Pride Landers going hungry or worse, scare the herds into leaving the Pride Lands. Thus, the law states every predator is to eat his fill for survival and no more.

Suggested Law: Water Truce.
Background (non-canon): While the drinking laws were established in order to avoid hostilities between various pridelanders in the event of a drought, the Water Truce is a term known to every living creature within the Pride Lands. When the King announces Water Truce, it is in the name of preserving the Circle of Life. In short, drinking comes before eating. Every one in the can scramble along somehow when only game is scarce; but water is water, and when there is limited source of supply, all hunting stops while the Pride Landers go there for their needs, due to the potential dangers of falling for the temptation of overfeeding on the gathered pray and reducing the herds too much.
 Posted: Aug 13 2016, 12:43 PM

Suggestions to Laws of the Shadowlands:

Suggested Law: Zira's Oath of Blood
Description: Darkness works in secrecy, and in order for the plans of the Shadowlanders to be kept from reaching the Pridelands, a strict discipline is maintained. Once a creature swears an oath of loyalty to the cause of the Shadowlanders, there is no backing out of it. Alive, anyway.

In order to sway the temptation of defecting to greener pastures, a loose guard is posted around the makeshift borders of the land. Anyone is allowed in, but only official parties approved by Zira are allowed to leave.

Failure to abide by this law is punishable by death.

Suggested Law: First Tribute:
Description: In that the Shadowlander's first and foremost goal is to leave the wilderness they inhabit and to move in on the fertile Pridelands, all effort should be directed towards those strong enough to lead them to that goal. Therefore, for every kill made by the hunters, it is to be divided into five portions.

The first portion of it is given to Kovu, the power of the pride, the second portion to Zira, the brains of the pride, and the third portion to he that slayed it, the provider of the pride. It is then the privledge of everyone else to fight over the remaining portions.

Failure to abide by this law is punishable by complete confiscation of carcass, and starvation rations for three days.
 Posted: Sep 20 2017, 12:00 AM
15 posts

I want to write out a more in depth headcanon blabber about this eventually, but in regards to hyena clans:

Hyena clans seem lawless to the lions, but they aren't. At least, not exactly; the hyenas follow a chain of command very faithfully, and the current leader's word becomes law. After the disaster with Scar, the old hyena customs have mostly been forgotten, but adherence to the chain of command is still very deeply ingrained

will edit this when i have the energy to go into more detail, but that's just my 2 cents at the moment

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